About us

Established in 1977, New House S.p.A. for more than 40 years has been a leader in the design and manufacture of prefabricated metal structures for the building, industry and social, sport and military sectors.

A solid, well-established business, yet projected into the future thanks to the continuous search for new technologies, new materials and new designs to offer a useful, beautiful and up-to-date product. A product entirely conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy to offer that added value, in terms of quality, appearance and reliability, which is synonymous with Made in Italy worldwide.

From our experience a wide range of products are created for every need, such as single and modular prefabricated mono-blocks, retractable modules for export, boxes, traditional and chemical prefabricated restrooms, containers, cabins and shelters.

From the small support units to the building industry, to the technical structures for the industry up to the large multi-story complexes, the possible combinations and achievements that we are able to study, design, build and assemble such as accommodations, schools, social centers, shops, and commercial areas, supermarkets, offices, places of worship, laboratories and warehouses, technical areas are virtually unlimited. They are all made according to the needs and requests of the customer and delivered with the "turnkey" formula.

Thanks to a production area of ​​100 thousand square meters - of which more than 40 thousand indoor - we can meet the demands and requests of any type of clientele, both private and public, as evidenced by long collaborations with local and state Administrations, the Armed Forces or the Civil Protection Department, of which we are, thanks to our experience and acquired know-how, one of the main suppliers.

Major projects developed for international organizations such as Nato and the United Nations are added to the ones above.

Valori New House

They are part of our industrial group:

This company works different kinds of metal such as iron and stainless steel and specializes in carpentry production. It carries out metal sheet cutting and bending and it uses rolling machines, numerical control punching machines, laser and water cutting and shaping technologies, abrasive at high pressure, turning, precision milling.

SICMI SRLwww.sicmi.it
Production of machines and hydraulic systems, CNC machines, presses. The machines are all built in full compliance with the highest European Standards applicable in the field.

NEW HOUSE is the owner of the following brands: NEW HOUSE® and DABEGALTM.
Using the afore-mentioned brands is strictly forbidden.
The use – even the general one – of the name represented by the afore-mentioned brands is safeguarded by the Italian and international legislation on the subject.


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