For us at New House, the sale of a prefabricated module is only the culmination of an activity that includes different stages and different stakeholders.

Design and calculation
An accurate engineering phase developed by an expert technical staff is an essential stage of the work process that marks the starting point of any project.

Flexible production lines translate the designed solutions into reality. Celerity and accuracy of execution are the main elements of this stage oriented to the full satisfaction of the customer's request.

Packaging and shipment
Thanks to our exclusive Flat Pack technology we are able to transport multiple prefabricated modules inside a truck, thus allowing space to be optimized and costs to be reduced for the customer.

Installation and assembly
New House provides the customer with a complete service. Assembly is performed by our expert and efficient assemblers. Their activity is aimed at respecting the preset assembly times to minimize the cost for the customer.

The after-sale service of New House supports the Customer for any question or request. Our operators can be contacted, and they ensure a professional, kind approach for all your requirements.

Flat-pack modules series 1000

Imballaggio e spedizione con Flat Pack

Modules RENT for three-story office complex

Moduli RENT per complesso uffici su tre livelli